My wishes for #nhshd Cardiff this weekend

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The health collaboration has a number of tribes/subtribes operating. There are rules of engagement, who can talk to who and so many different interests all operating with often different agendas, The social web is making sure that this is going away. Here on this website we are interested in how the health conversation can lead to action, and further with evidence show that this can change health in a human way – caring. We need to rise about some of the differences, whilst acknowledging the interests and make sure that we can help people have a meaningful life. So I have accepted to go to the hackday.  I’ve never been to a hack day and really looking forward to it, Here are some of my wishes.

1. Dominance of apps

I’m expecting the outcomes of the hack day to be some thinking around apps. Is there still any mileage on self tracking apps or is this now saturated with the fitbit type of devices. Are we past the debates around being able to talk to my doctor via skype. How do we get to the contextual web where as a person with a condition I can make sense of both the decision and the outcomes of a decision that I am likely to make. I’m also thinking how the NHS (UK) can lead globally in these ideas and what value sharing internationally could bring.

2. The app having a community support

If number 1 builds a brilliant app it is clear that a community will use it. Are we thinking here of an app that is ubiquitous or one that starts in a niche – maybe just helping a few people. Maybe the app will be difficult to master or people loose interest using it after a few days. It seems as if there are a good number of hurdles in health on building community where for some people having and acknowledging presence of a condition is a journey in of itself. Maybe even within a condition there is a wide ethnography of characteristics and not just clinical characteristics.

3, Efficiency Effectiveness or caring

Our professional lives seem to be dominated by efficiency and the addiction of more. Its as it efficiency is a scarce resource and we are trying to do everything in our power to win it back. The smartphone can give us many illusions of being mega efficient. How can we have technology that whilst being beautifully designed enables caring human to human where there is a real connection.

4, Meeting my heros or should I say sheros.

Talking about connection I am looking forward to remeeting Anne Marie Cunningham who is leading the event and I wanted to support. I am pleased to be meeting George Julian for the first time face to face. Ours was serendipitous meeting some years ago over a gingerbread house and Dominic Campbell! (over twitter) Lastly I am looking forward to meeting Helen Bevan. We have discussed for some time the writing of Nilofer Merchant so I am looking forward in having a walking meeting with Helen to further ideas of innovation and health. If you haven’t registered yet, well it may be too late. But I will be tweeting and being present to help out and connect with people, Photo walking sticks – the original app

Photo walking sticks – the original app


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